Scam Defence

Beware of scammers
The popularity of all of the JUST AUTO websites means that they unfortunately also attract the attention of scammers. There is no way to prevent scammers contacting you using hoax emails and SMS messages, but by using the points in the checklist below, you can help ensure your buying and selling experience with JUST AUTO is a safe one. Use common sense in all dealings to help identify and prevent fraud – the golden rule is “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” Additionally, if you have any doubts about the seller or buyer being genuine, walk away.

  • BE WARY of any potential buyer or seller who uses email or SMS contact only. Always try and speak directly to the buyer/seller.
  • DO NOT give out credit card or bank account details over the phone or by email unless you absolutely trust the seller.
  • BE WARY of any email/SMS contact where the seller wants you to deposit money into an account to cover freight, insurance or other costs.
  • BE WARY of emails or text messages that state money is being held for you.
  • WHEN PURCHASING large items, ask the seller to provide additional photos, and request photos of specific detail items only genuine sellers would know about.
  • ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS when talking to a seller to confirm they are genuine and know what they are selling.
  • ALWAYS try to meet the seller in person to pay for the item/s directly.
  • INSIST on some form of receipt from the seller wherever possible, especially when paying cash.
  • USE A BANK CHEQUE for large purchase amounts – this is more secure for both you and the seller.
  • CONFIRM PAYMENT when selling before you make any further contact with the buyer.
  • CHECK credit card and bank statements after purchasing online – advise your bank or credit union of any transactions that are unfamiliar or you cannot allocate to purchases.
  • IF YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED, you can contact your local Office of Fair Trading, ASIC or the ACCC for advice and further information.
  • IF YOU SPOT SOMETHING ON ANY JUST AUTO SITE that you think may be a scam, you can contact our Trust and Safety team on 03 5225 1333.