Buyers Guide

Planning on buying a vehicle through the JUST AUTO platform? That’s great news! If you need some help on how to use our platform, please read the below guide.

Making an enquiry

So, you have found the vehicle of your dreams, awesome! Making an enquiry through JUST AUTO is easy – you don’t even need to have an account (although we highly recommend doing it).

When you have found the vehicle that you are looking for, simply look to the right of the vehicle image. You will see a section to make an enquiry.

Simply fill out the Name, Email, Phone Number and Message fields, then tick “I’m not a robot” (unless you are a robot), and then click on “Send Message”. The seller will receive an email with your details so the seller can get in touch with you.

If you have already logged in it is even easier to send an enquiry! Simply fill in the message box, click on “I’m not a robot” and click “Send Message” and you’re all set.

just auto enquiry

You can keep track of messages by going to your Dashboard, then clicking on “Messages”. From here, you can also reply to the seller if they send you a message.

Just Auto messages

You can also contact the seller directly by clicking on the “Show Number” box. This will reveal the seller’s phone number, so you can buy that vehicle even sooner!

Just Auto show number

The vehicle has been sold

Sellers on our site are responsible for letting us know that a vehicle has been sold. Sometimes, you may find that a sold vehicle is still on the site. If you run across a sold vehicle, we recommend that you report that ad as Sold.

To report a vehicle as Sold, click on the “Report This Ad” Link above the vehicle image and tick ‘Sold’. This will notify our team to confirm that the vehicle has been sold and to remove it.

report sold car

Is this a scam?

If you think that the vehicle that you are looking at is a scam, we recommend that you first read our Scam Defence Guide. We manually approve ads to minimise potential scammers, but some can sneak through. If you are certain that you have found a scam ad, click on the ‘Report’ link above the vehicle image and tick ‘Scam’. This will notify our team and we will look into it.

For more information on Scam Defence, please click the link here: Scam Defence